Habitat was privileged this week to serve a special new friend and veteran Gordon “Bud” Porter. Referred to Habitat by his caring daughter Jody, Bud was living in a trailer with no working furnace, fridge, or stove. To make matters worse, his front door would no longer stay shut after a windstorm damaged it beyond repair. With the help of our community partners including Home Depot and Tillamook RV, this shining star has found his sparkle again. After serving 3 years in the Navy during the Korean War as an electrician, Bud lost his hearing. As a disabled veteran, his funding remains limited and the cost of home repairs were beyond his reach. This is when the community stepped in to close the gap. With the assistance of Tillamook Habitat for Humanity and a grant from Home Depot, Bud was given a significantly subsidized 0% loan where he will pay back a small portion of the overall cost of repairs. What he does pay back is structured into a low monthly payment that is affordable for him. These funds will then go back into our Veteran Repair Program to fund future projects. “We would not be able to do this work if it were not for the generosity of community partners who want to give back to the ones who gave so much to us,” says Habitat Executive Director Cami Aufdermauer. Habitat is expanding their already existing programs to focus on serving veterans in Tillamook County. If you are interested in partnering on home repair projects or donating financially contact [email protected]. Every hand and every dollar helps change a life!