Since 1998, when Tillamook Habitat for Humanity began, 52 of our local children have been able to grow up in a stable home where they are free to paint their bedroom walls in their favorite color, set-up a swing set in their backyard, do their homework in the privacy of their own room, and not worry about what house they will be moving to next.
38 parents have been able to tuck their children into bed at night, knowing they will be able to pay their monthly mortgage, on their OWN house, free from mold, full of peace, and built with love! Out of these parents, many have gone back to school to take on various careers in our community where they are making a true difference. 14 is the number of families served through Tillamook Habitat’s international tithe program where 10% of total monthly sales from the ReStore and unrestricted donations are sent to Habitat International. Tillamook county donors and Habitat supporters have been a direct part of providing housing to these 14 families living in: El Salvador, Honduras, India, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, and Poland. For years we have focused on the number of homes we have built, don’t get me wrong, that is a great thing, but it’s time to shift our focus and count the number of lives that have been changed as a direct result of this communities wiliness to give of their gifts, talents, prayers, and financial resources! Habitat’s mission is a place where everyone has a decent place to live, and with that come a need for financial support! If you would like to make a one-time tax deductible donation visit To become a monthly donor contact [email protected] for various payment options.
26 = 52 + 38 = 90 + 14 = 104 people, people with names, a story, a hope and a future!