Praise Reports for May:
*Kelly & her children have moved into their new Habitat Home! The Dedication was held Wednesday, May 24th where about 30 friends and family attended to celebrate this community effort!
*We had the HIGHEST sales at the ReStore in almost a year in a half! Totally over $12,500!
*A new piece of property is being donated to Habitat in downtown Tillamook & may be an option for multi-family dwelling!
*Our total Global Tithe so far for the 2017 fiscal year has been about $13,500 which was a $4,000 increase from 2016 and a $12,750 increase from 2015!
-The Global Mission Fund enables Habitat for Humanity national organizations such as Habitat Lesotho and Habitat Cambodia to serve more families.
*Received a $20,000 grant from Oregon Community to hire a ReStore Assistant!
*Received a $1,000 from Charity Drive!
*Received $600 from AARP!
*Received $5,000 from an individual donor!
*Received $100 from an individual donor!
*Donny (our long time ReStore employee) was able to attend a Veteran Repair Program in Michigan free of charge!
*Our new website is almost ready for launch!
*We were able to complete the loan origination for the 3rd Street Habitat House, get all liens off the property, and hold a dedication (with less than a week to plan)! The steps were all ordered by the Lord! This is a HUGE blessing!

It’s been an incredible month!

Thank you for your diligence in being a part of transforming lives through prayer! What a mighty God we serve!