For the first time ever, Tillamook County Habitat for Humanity is working on two houses at one time.
Which means, twice as many local families will soon have a place to call home.
“We’re looking for opportunities to rehab homes. This is totally new for us,” said Cami Aufdermauer, executive director of Tillamook County Habitat for Humanity.
Another first for Habitat: this is the first time the Tillamook branch has purchased a house to remodel.
“There are homes in the community that are basically falling down. This is good for the community and the housing market,” she said while standing on the sidewalk of the new Habitat house, on Ninth and Miller, across from Hampton Lumber.
“God really gave us peace,” she said, “This isn’t anything we’ve ever done. There isn’t a formula to follow. We’re stepping out in faith with these two homes.”
Aufdermauer said Habitat plans to take the original floor plan of the house and create a more open space. Other plans include restoring the floor and adding a second bathroom.
With two homes now being actively worked on, she said volunteers are especially important, with Habitat looking for a contractor to volunteer their time and skills for a few hours a week.
“We need someone with a heart of service,” she said. Currently, Daniel Kujak, contractor, is spending time on Fridays and Saturdays volunteering alongside new Habitat partner family Kelly Katen and her children and other volunteers to renovate the Habitat home on Third Street that will ultimately be Katen’s new home.
“Every time I come in, something new is done,” Aufdermauer said with a palpable energy in her voice. “I really love seeing the community come together to serve families.”
As part of the payment process toward owning a Habitat home, Katen will actively assist with renovations on her new home and, in turn, will volunteer to rehabilitate the new home on Miller Avenue.
“It’s amazing to build relationships and then build alongside them,” Aufdermauer said of Habitat for Humanity and Habitat partner families.
Aufdermauer said these are the first Habitat Homes to be located within Tillamook School District.
“This is a huge deal because all families have been in the Neah-Kah-Nie School District,” Aufdermauer said, adding that being located in central Tillamook will add stability to the families.
“This is more than building a house,” Aufdermauer said, “It’s building a community. It’s bringing people together from all walks of life to work together.”
With the rising cost of land, more barriers exist for Habitat to build homes from scratch and is presenting opportunities to rehabilitate older homes.
“We’re taking what was old and restoring it,” Aufdermauer said, “These people are restoring their lives. It’s going to restore community and hope in people.”
Habitat for Humanity is beginning a continual application process to be a Habitat partner family. Pick up an application at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore on 6500 Williams Avenue in Bay City. Aufdermauer also said to save the date for October 5, which will be a breakfast fundraiser to offset the upfront costs of purchasing the new house.
For more information, email Cami Aufdermauer at [email protected], or call 503-842-7472.

Jordan Wolfe
Managing Editor
North Coast Citizen
Office: 503-842-7535
Mobile: 503-812-7553Pictures back left-right: Vice President Dick Trapp, Treasurer Whitey Forsman, Board Member Tom LaTourette, Board Member Robert Hammond

Front left-right: Executive Director Cami Aufdermauer, President Debbie Carr, Board Member Barbra Taylor, and US Bank Manager Meghan Wismer

at home being finished within the next couple months and another project ready to go, Habitat staff are in the process of recruiting a volunteer Project Manager for the next Habitat Home (a rehab of an existing home). Extensive building experience and site management is required. If you would like to be considered for this position contact Cami Aufdermauer at 503-842-7472. Together we build.