“Salvatore’s an extremely skilled communicator & instructor and does a marvelous job of making the process fun.”

– Ken Shultz

Your online meetings run differently. Your audience is more easily distracted and the interface presents challenges. Effective Virtual Leadership gives proven techniques to help you lead your next virtual meeting, training, sales pitch, & up-level your presentations.

In this training, learn:
1. Audience Engagement Techniques
 2. Virtual Team Building Activities
3. Non-Verbal Tips for Online Presence
4. Designing Breakouts that Work
5. Cross-Cultural Awareness Strategies
6. Plus many more Virtual Best Practices

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Date: Monday, March 15,
Time: 4:00 PM-5:30PM
Via Zoom

Salvatore Manzi

Facilitator • Coach • Trainer
Salvatore has helped 100’s of leaders level-up their communication skills. With 20+yrs in Organizational Development, he effectively facilitates custom-tailored meetings, trainings and retreats globally.