Recycle for Habitat

Aluminum Cans and Other Deposit Items

Aluminum Cans and deposit items are recycled to help build Habitat homes; you may drop off your items at the Habitat office at 2610 Third Street, Tillamook.

Ink/Laser Toner Cartridges

Recycle your Ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges to help build Habitat home, call the Habitat office and get involved in the program at no cost to you. We will drop off the collection containers at your offices or business or you may use the individual prepaid postage envelopes to mail your cartridges from your home or office. The collections boxes will be picked up by Federal Express when full at no cost to you. Call the office to sign up or have boxes delivered.


Cars, boats RV’s and other vehicles may be donated to Tillamook Habitat through our cars for Habitat homes. When you donate, you help build homes with families in need.