Current Builds

1238 SW  Silverlake Blvd. Bend OR

This is a remodel of a home that was a Habitat home sold a number of years ago that has been bought back to be fixed up and will be sold to Nicole and her girls. It is almost done and will be dedicated March 31- We’d love to have you attend! See our Calendar for more information.

Our remodel project  is coming right along.. Tile has been laid in the kitchen, entryway, and upstairs bathroom. Beautifully handcrafted, mahogany cabinets provided by Patrick’s Woodworking in La Pine, have been installed in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom as well.

Former ODOT  Property

at the corner of 12th Ave and Greenwood.

This is our Townhome build that will have three single family attached homes. We hope to start soon with construction of our First Addition Townhomes but the snow has made that a bit difficult. Once we can see dirt, get ready to jump in and make miracles happen! Our goal is to house 3 families by this summer in these homes!